1st - 4 th Sundays @ 8am & 11am
5th Sundays 10:00 am
Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
PHONE: 256.534.8266
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christian_educationAudio/Visual: Provides audio and video taping of services at Progressive Union. This ministry is available to the homebound and for those who are unable to attend regular worship services.
1ASSOCIATE MINISTERS: We have over 20 associate ministers in our congregation. They assist in carrying out Sunday morning worship services, teaching the gospel in Sunday School and Bible Study and serving our congregation as needed.
1Child Development Center (CDC): This ministry provides an atmosphere that caters to the developmental growth of every child. From infants to toddlers, we have dedicated teachers to serve children in every capacity. MORE...
1Deacon Board: Our Deacon Board assists with the everyday functions of our church. Their Pastoral Care Plan is one way in which they provide service to the members as all Deacons are assigned to a group of members based on last name. This plan helps the Deacons carry out their Biblical duties. MORE...
1Nurses Guild: Serves to provide immediate first-aid assistance to persons attending church functions until professional medical care can be given. The guild is open for membership to all interested and qualified persons.
1Security Ministry: This ministry provides security on the inside and outside perimeters of our campus during worship service and other events.
1Transportation Ministry: Transportation is provided as a service to those who have no means of transportation to attend the various services and activities of the church.
1Usher/Greeter Ministry: This ministry is made up of male, female, and youth who serve to assist the Pastor in extending courtesies to members and visitors.