1st - 4 th Sundays @ 8am & 11am
5th Sundays 10:00 am
Wednesdays @ 6:30pm
PHONE: 256.534.8266
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About Us: All female members of Progressive Union MB Church, ages 56 and up, are eligible to become members of this Group. The TITUS II group focuses on and provides comfort and spiritual support to the sick and shut in/home bound members and non-members. For example, support is provided through home visitations, monthly 2nd Sunday visits to the Whitesburg Nursing Home, donations to recreational activities at Brookshire Health Care Center and card ministry for the sick, bereaved, and deployed PU members.

Mission: Our mission is to seek opportunities to reach out to persons, within our congregation as well as to those outside the walls of the church, who have a temporary need for support, assistance, encouragement and/or fellowship in this walk of life, whether it is of a personal, spiritual, economic, physical or social nature.

Objective: To provide service and develop ministry grounded in the Word that glorifies and witnesses for God.

Meeting time: 1st Wednesdays at 12:30pm.
Location: Prayer and Worship Chapel

Officers: J. Sue Johnson, President
Brenda Watkins, Vice President
Bertha King, Secretary
Ann Whitaker, Treasurer

Deacon Advisor: John Marion
President and Vice President Indoor Picnic- Birthday Celebration. President Sue Johnson, Mother Georgia Snodgrass and Past President Izora Harrison.