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PUMBC provides a caring and loving place of worship, where spiritual expressions can be developed through Christian education, ministries, and fellowship, in order to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and to make disciples of the global community.

Blessed Quietness, Holy Quietness
What Assurance In My Soul
On The Stormy Sea, He Speaks Peace To Me
How The Billows Cease To Roll

As people of faith, we understand that we are in the world, but we are not of the world. As we walk in this world, we’re not immune from the ills that manifest itself because of the depravity of mankind because of sin. Jesus in John, chapter 17, His High Priestly prayer was that God would not “take them out of the world, but to keep them safe from the evil one.” As believers, we do not temp God, but we certainly trust God.

I would like to share some information that will help us be the witness that we’re assigned to be. Please consider the following in staying safe…

  • Thom S. Rainer (Coronavirus And Your Church, March 2, 2020), offer the following suggestion:
    • Focus on prayer and not panic. Remind your congregation that God is in control. Encourage them to pray for the cessation of the disease. Ask them to pray for the victims and their families. Encourage them to pray for the Gospel to go forth boldly in the mist of this trial.
    • Consider current church practices that might be harmful for spreading coronavirus or other diseases. Consider stopping the tradition of “meet and greet” and other customs that provide an environment for the spread of diseases.

A Big Thank You to the nurse’s guild for their presentations on how to guard against catching and spreading the virus at the 8 and 11 a.m. services on Sunday March 6, 2020. The visual that complemented the verbal instructions was outstanding. Below is a recap…

  • Seek medical advice if you’re feeling ill. Stay home if you are running a fever or discharge from you nose.
  • Hand Sanitizer must contain at least 70% alcohol and is only effective for about 5 minutes.
  • The best precaution is to wash hands with warm water and soap for 60 seconds. The song “Happy Birthday” is about 60 seconds as demonstrated by Sister Ratlif.
  • When you cough, do it in the bend of your elbow, or pull out the clothing at the neckline and cough there.
  • Do not touch face. I understand that this is difficult to follow, but try.
  • Avoid hand to hand contact. If you are uncomfortable with greeting someone with a handshake, fill free to communicate this concern. Mature Christians will understand.
  • Make your own sanitizer. Mix ¾ cup 70% or greater Alcohol with ¼ cup aloe vera gel to make the hand sanitizer.

The church has taken additional precautions to make sure all buildings are cleaned and sanitized.

Hand Sanitizer/ Wipes are available throughout our campus. In order to preserve our limited supply, please consider bringing your own hand sanitizer.
Shaking Hands is discouraged until further notice (this includes door greeters).
Biscuits and Donuts between services will only be handled by food servers using food-safe gloves.
Communion Servers will continue to practice hand hygiene when handling the bread and wine.

Finally, we cannot be paralyzed with fear. While 2 Chronicles 7:14 is our go to verse in times of crises, let me suggest 2 more to hang our faith hat on:

  • Exodus 15:26 (CSB) –Note “Carefully obey the Lord your God; Do what is right in His eyes; Pay attention to His
  • Psalm 121 (CSB) Note the question mark after verse one as contrasted with the period in verse two. Verse two is a statement that seals the psalmist confident in God.

Again, we don’t temp God, but we still trust Him. As believers, we’re “trusting in His Holy Word, He has never failed us yet.” I’m looking forward to seeing you at Bible Study on Wednesday, and at worship service on Sunday morning.

Under His Blood
Joe Stevenson
Interim Pastor