Our First Lady - Progressive Union Missionary Baptist Church

PUMBC provides a caring and loving place of worship, where spiritual expressions can be developed through Christian education, ministries, and fellowship, in order to grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ and to make disciples of the global community.

Meet Lady Candice Watkins, a native of Springfield, Massachusetts, whose life is woven with threads of compassion, service, and a deep commitment to both family and community. As the proud mother of three sons—DeAndre, Josiah, and Xavier— and is the supportive wife of Pastor Dion J. Watkins. Lady Watkins radiates love and affection not only within her home but extends it daily to her church at Progressive Union Missionary Baptist Church and young children at the Progressive Union Child Development Center, where she serves as a teacher and Assistant Director.

Lady Watkins wears multiple hats, embodying the essence of service both in her professional and personal life. As a licensed realtor in the state of Alabama, she passionately assists others in their house-hunting and purchasing endeavors, emphasizing the creation of homes filled with comfort and love. Her dedication to the community extends beyond real estate, as Lady Watkins is actively involved in church ministry and community outreach. For her, ministry is not just a role but a philosophy that starts at home—a belief in the transformative power of service within one’s immediate surroundings.

Currently pursuing a BS in Business Administration and Marketing, Lady Watkins showcases her commitment to continuous learning and professional growth. Her academic endeavors complement her role as a realtor, bringing a strategic and informed approach to her interactions with clients.

In her moments of respite, Lady Watkins finds joy in a variety of interests. A bibliophile and avid journaler, she cherishes the worlds opened by books and the introspection offered by the written word. Her love for travel takes her on journeys of exploration, adding rich experiences to her life. She nurtures a love for greenery, while her culinary curiosity leads her to discover new restaurants and cafes. Lady Watkins also enjoys the vibrant energy of live music and maintains her self-wellness, balancing her varied interests with an active lifestyle.

Lady Watkins draws strength from her faith, as evidenced by her top three favorite scriptures: Romans 8:37, Psalm 23, and Proverbs 3:15. These verses reflect her perseverance, confidence, and reliance upon God for guidance in all aspects of life. Lady Candice Watkins’ story is one of love, service, growth, and a deep connection to both the spiritual and earthly aspects of her journey.